Fringe PlayList: Geek Out

Atlanta is the proud home to many a geek, and every Labor Day weekend, we play host to Dragon*Con, one of the largest multi-media pop culture conventions in the universe. But you don't need to wait until September to get your geek on, Atlanta Fringe might have something just up your alley.
Do Not Kill Me, Killer Robots
 Full Disclosure, Mr. Ben Egerman is a close personal friend and frequent collaborator of mine. He also happens to a close personal friend with a pretty sweet show.
I'll let the description speak for itself:
"An underground bunker. The near future. Step into the shoes of a killer robot about to slaughter the world’s last living actor. Which is me. An evening of low budgets, high camp, major dork appeal, and weird homemade electronics."
I can also say that it includes evil wizards, 80s music, and the opportunity to heckle as a killer robot, and I can say, little is more satisfying than yelling "PUNY HUMAN" at a defenseless solo performer.

The Observation of Starship Astral Strategy

These Bicycle-Riding Fish are not easy to pin down. Currently located in New York, Fish and Bicycle originated in the Atlanta area (Yay!), and specializes in "site specific, devised spectacles." In other words, big cool awesome things. Their Atlanta Fringe show looks pretty spectacular, as they take the audience on a trip to a Planetarium gone horribly wrong.
Be forewarned:  This show contains 3D effects, strobe lights, projections, violence, blasphemy, rock music, and worst of all…love.
Ew! Love! At least there's a starship, right?
Another very cool thing about this company is that they put out a call for Atlanta performers to join their ensemble for their Fringe show (you may have seen it on the ATML). I love it! Talk about collaboration! I think that is very much in the spirit of fringe and community and all that good stuff, plus their work looks awesome. Check out some of their previous work, and you'll see what I mean.
Something tells me that these vampires don't sparkle.

This brand new, dark adaptation of Euripides classic tragedy promises:
"blood, violence, comedy, and primal sexuality." While the idea of pairing blood sucking fiends with classical drama may seem odd, there's certainly more than enough blood in the original Medea to sate even the thirstiest of vamps.
From the description: Set against a backdrop of a crumbling empire run by a despotic Queen bent on maintaining her former glory, [vampire]Medea follows the plight of a chorus of unlucky jokesters who find themselves suddenly swept up in the monarch’s tumultuous drama. Enter Medea, a girl from another land with powers no one understands, and whose husband the Queen has set her sights on as a suitor for her daughter. In one short night, Medea’s misery unfolds, and the audience joins the chorus as witnesses to these horrors. Under Medea’s stony, cold exterior, there is a tender girl and a ravenous beast—which one will she be at the end of the night
Spoiler alert: This will not end well.

Bodies Modeling
All right Pop Culture fiends, this next play is a satire on the entertainment industry and the apathy of generation x. It touches on superficiality and meaningless-ness and our inability to move forward in a state of economic crisis.
Oh, and there's a chorus of dead dancing fashion models.
Yep, you heard me. Zombie dancing.  Sold!
Also, check out the poster in the background of the publicity shot, that is none other than a young Ronald Regan telling you to buy Chesterfield Cigarettes (see larger image here.) Very subtle, Eyes on the Sky Productions. Very subtle indeed.

Here's one for all you budding psychologists out there, or really anyone who's ever felt a little unbalanced (oh! me! me!)
From the description:
Chiaroscuro,... explores as well as anthropomorphizes five distinct mental disorders. The piece does not glamorize those experiences, but strives to make them approachable and relatable. Mental illness exists on a spectrum and as such many disorders have elements with which we can all identify. We’ve all had a brush with unreasoning anxiety, unprovoked depression, a need to take control of our lives in the midst of chaos. The piece is not named for the darkness inherent in the subject matter, but for the interplay of light and shadow, which ultimately make up our lives whether we struggle with these disorders, love someone who does, or are fortunate enough to live a life untouched by these. 
What's more, this piece debuted through Brooks & Company Dance, an immensely talented troupe, whom I was fortunate enough to work with on Serenbe's Ugly Duckling last summer, so if anyone can do this concept justice, it's them.

Now this is by no means an exhaustive list of shows with geek appeal, be sure to check out full festival line up and see what speaks to you. And, if you know a geeky show I overlooked, let me know in the comments, or make your own Fringe PlayList, and I'll be thrilled to post it to our shiny new AtlFringeBuzz Tumblr


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