Fringe PlayList: Hooray for Gay Plays!

Down here in the gAyTL, we of course want to have the most fabulous fringe possible, and these next four solo artists are doing their darnedest to make it happen. Now these aren't the only queer artists involved in the festival, but chances are good that they are the gayest. Hooray!

Ladyland! The Coming Out, “Reality Cabaret” of a Jesus Loving, Senior Citizen, Redneck Lesbian Diva
This show gets the award for both Longest Title and Best Jesus Cameo in Production Image.

But seriously, if the title doesn't already have you sold, I don't think we can be friends anymore.

So come on, and friend Leola on Facebook like a good citizen, (she gives great link, ya'll) and come see what the heck this whole shindig is all about.  

Christmas in Bakersfield 
Atlanta is going to love Les Kurkendaal.
ProjectQ Atlanta has already rolled out the sparkly red carpet , and I'm sure anyone else who crosses path with this veteran storyteller will do the same. He's charming, funny, professional, and soon to be big in Sweden - Christmas in Bakersfield was just accepted into The Stockholm Fringe.

But you get to see Christmas in Bakersfield before ABBA does, because Christmas in Bakersfield is part of the Atlanta Fringe. Yay! It tells the story of when his boyfriend brought Les home to meet the family in rural, conservative Bakersfield, and forgot to mention that Les was black. Oops!

Prince and a Pauper

 Yes. That Prince.
Andrew Fafoutakis, who thankfully does not normally have that moustache, tells the story of growing up gay and biracial, and discovering himself through the music of Prince.
Guaranteed to make doves cry in the purple rain. Come cleanse yourself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka, and hear this sweet funny guy tell his story.

But first, watch A Day in the Life of Prince. Like now.

I'll wait.

Strange Dreamz
 Oh good! You're back!

Just in time to hear about Kevin J Thornton's one man show!
Thornton, or The Kevin Thornton, if you want to be official, offers us a "wild fusion of stand-up comedy, storytelling and concert about a gay man's search for love, sex, and the meaning of life."

Anybody who can sport that much serious ink and rock such adorable suspenders has my attention. Plus, he has a killer podcast on  Click Click Expose a Miami-based online radio station, and wrote a book called The Universe Sock Puppet, Stories from The Road, My Heart, and My Crotch. His website is chock full of adorable videos, so please feel free to get your Kevin Thornton fix early and often. Just be sure to come see him in person at the Fringe.

 So that's my quick little round up of some of the gay plays in the Fringe. What'd I miss? What do you want to see? Write your own Fringe PlayList, and post it to our neat little AtlFringeBuzz Tumblr.
Just two weeks to go, cats and kittens. I can't wait!



willnolan2 said…
Thanks so much for the shout out Rachel! Look forward to meeting you in Atlanta in two weeks! Will

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