Fringe PlayList: In and Out of Love Stories

Spring is in the air, flowers are blooming, and the people of Atlanta are preparing for another horrible,  summer. But for these brief weeks of nice weather, everyone is out and about in their cute little outfits searching for someone special to crowd around the air conditioner with.  Yes, it's spring and it's time for love. And we've got some love stories to offer you, some sweet, some not so sweet.

Bottled Lightning is a new, young local company (yay!), bringing us a dramatic piece inspired by Bottacelli's Birth of Venus (that's the one where she's riding the clam, ya'll). The play, written by Britton Buttrill follows an American couple in a hotel room in Florence who take desperate measures to fix their relationship. 
What kind of desperate measures, you ask?
 Well, I spoke to one of the actors at the Reveal party back in January, and when I asked her what she played, she replied, "I'm the prostitute!"
Yep. Desperate measures indeed. This piece looks like a dark look at desperation in a relationship, in the grand tradition of claustrophobic hotel room plays like Fool for Love and Red Light Winter.
We Us Them Y’all
 We Us Them Ya'll is a series of duets inspired by a couple's journey to self discovery. The piece features original music and text by Nina Simone, and looks like a lovely way to spend an hour with someone special. Who knows, you might learn a move or two.


Christmas in Bakersfield
 In any serious relationship, there comes a time when you must take it to the next level. You gotta meet the parents.
When that time came for Mike and Les, it didn't quite go as planned. Not only did Les have to trek up to Bakersfield ("the armpit of California"), but Mike neglected to tell his parents that Les was African-American.

 A modern-day Guess Who's Coming to Dinner.


Paul Strickland: Jokes, Songs, a Hat, Etc.!
Professional Comedian, Storyteller, Musician, and Hat-Wearer Paul Strickland is a man who turned heartache into opportunity:

After not graduating with a degree in vocal performance and creative writing from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro Paul got married, then divorced, then decided to crash on couches and make stories, jokes and songs his bread and butter, because bread and butter has gotten expensive. 

So come help Mr. Stickland butter his bread (if you know what I mean?), and take a dose of the best medicine - laughter.  


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