AFF 2013 Fringe PlayList: Get Movin'

One of my favorite things about Fringe Festivals is that it brings so many different types of shows together under one proverbial roof, making it oh-so-easy to try new things. And who knows? Maybe you'll find something you love. I wasn't too involved in the world of dance, until I had a few extra slots on my
 fringe-viewing schedule at the Minnesota Fringe and wandered into one of the most refreshing, mindblowing hours of entertainment I'd ever seen. From then on, I made it a point to jump at the chance to see more dance.

And you should too! Here are some of the Atlanta Fringe shows that should get you up and moving.

We talked about them in our returning favorites round up, but they're worth mentioning again, if only to post this gorgeous leaping photograph. Chance and Choice from the Charlotte-based Ws Project offers audiences the unique chance to shape the show with their choices. That's right, it's a "choose-your-own-adventure"-style dance concert. I would choose that leap, please.

Foregrounding the positive healing energy of dance,  A Woman: Five Feminine Powers Unveiled  celebrates life, rhythm, and the power of  human connection. The very aptly named LOVE PEACE and JOY Productions takes the "exotic" veil off of Belly Dance, revealing its deeper roots as an art of expression and community. See producer Funda Yilmaz discuss the heart of her show in this fun and heartfelt video.

Polly Garcia and Mauree Culberson have been busy. To create their show Verge of Meeting, they used "Viewpoints, Suzuki, Dance techniques, Collaborative Process techniques and a pinch of Vaudeville and a hint of Clown." A delicious recipe for epic artistic collaboration, or as they put it "two women enter, one play leaves!"

As a sucker for both robots and puppets, I am so very in for T. Green Productions' Automaton Using "puppetry, dance, and experimental music to explore themes of technological revolution and the preservation of natural resources," Automaton follows a man whose plans for advancement cost him his freedom at the hands (claws?) of Robots. Fresh off an apprenticeship with the INCREDIBLE Bread and Puppet Theater, these hometown heroes are sure to show you something you've never seen before.


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