AFF 2013 Fringe PlayList: Good and Good for You

Fringe shows can make you laugh, make you cry, make you suddenly realize that clowns are bringing about the end of the world, but some can do more. Here are a few shows that can feed your brain, touch your heart, and give some crazy kids a chance to shine.

From Nu Visions of Excellence's Facebook
When playwright Sam G. Robinson was 8 years old, he got some terrible news: he had leukemia, and not a lot of hope for his future. But this story has a very happy ending, in that it hasn't ended at all. And They Said I Wouldn’t Make It… chronicles Robinson's story in his own words, a uplifting tale of human potential. As he puts it: "this is not a story about death or sorrow, but one of resiliance. A celebration of how our struggles in life shape us into who we are.
This is a story of HOPE."

Much like Batman, Dr. Pete Ludovice has a secret identity. This "engineering professor by day, stand up comedian by night" tickles funnybones and expands brains, but now he's doing them both at the same time. Feel the Power of the Dork Side explores the fascinating world of science and technology with the humor, wit, and (hopefully) lightsabers.  And I quote: " Like your high school science class on nitrous oxide, this show is fun for everyone, whether you’re a nerd or just know one. Because it examines the edgier side of the technical literature, it is rated PG-13."
Ooh, racy and technical!  The force is strong with this one.

Switching from Jedi Master to Padawan, we have the intrepid folks at Horizons School, who after serving as an awesome venue last year, are now jumping into the fray with a show of their own! Created and performed entirely by students(!), Them Shoes and Other Shorts
is guaranteed  to be chock full of madcap creative energy and theatrical mayhem. They describe the show as "aleatoric" (of or pertaining to accidental causes; of luck or chance; unpredictable, yeah I had to look it up, too), and warn spectators that "Some of the material in this performance may not be considered appropriate to people of faint heart or of sound mind." Fortunately for them, few Fringers are either.


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