AFF 2013 Fringe PlayList: Returning Favorites

Good news everyone! For your art-enjoying convenience, the Atlanta Fringe Festival is offering multi-show discount passes, so you can get more Fringe-bang for your Fringe-buck. And, they're available RIGHT NOW!

 But wait, Rachel, there are so many great shows to pick from in the 2013 festival, how do I start? Well, first, see my show, then run around and see as much stuff as you can!

 I will be working on "Fringe PlayLists" - thematic suggestions on how you can use your multi-show pass and Fringe to the Fullest. I strongly encourage those of you doing the festival (or those perusing the line up) to make up their own Fringe PlayLists, and post 'em in the comments or on your tumblrblogtwitterfacebookvine dealies. So, as our inaugural Fringe PlayList, here are some of the artists who put up awesome shows in last year's festival and are crazy enough to come back for more.

 #Innerology by Twinhead Theatre, from the wild and weird troupe that brought us last year's fringe hit F*ck F*ck Goose: Stories for children (not for children). This year they're taking us to church: the Church of Innerology. This "life-changing techno-cult" will help you to evolve beyond your meat bodies and embrace your cyber-self as your true self.

Also returning are Moldavia's national treasure, Thimblerig Circus. Combining dangerous stunts and volatile comedy, Kizka, Zolophd, and Molotov will dazzle you, disgust you, and leave you longing for the glory of the Mother land. For more on their dangerous pasts and their journey to the Atlanta Fringe, check out their elaborate back stories. Their credo? "We strongly believe that no one should ever have to choose between raucous laughter and unnecessary violence."

Leaping down from North Carolina, we have Chance and Choice from the Ws project, a group of Charlotte-based choreographers and movement artists. After bringing us the beautiful "Making Since" last year, the Ws project is mixing it up with ... wait for it... a “choose-your-own-adventure”-style dance concert. WHAT?! Only in the Fringe, folks. Choose-your-own-adventure dance. You'll want to save a spot on your dance card for this one.

And finally we have Onstage Atlanta, who brought us "Crimes Against Humanity" last year, and has another edgy twist-filled, the world premiere of See Jane Talk by Megan Hart. Things go awry at a psychiatrist's office when "a therapeutic role-playing game takes an explosive turn in which they discover that they have more in common than they knew." Intriguing indeed.

So, what's on your PlayList?


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