AFF 2013 Fringe PlayList: The Wild Side

One of the benefits of attending a Fringe Festival is seeing things you won't see anywhere else. Including shows like these.

Feeling like a special kind of crazy? Then check out Tiffanie Bridges in Is That Your Reel Hair?, a "zany musical tribute of sorts" devoted to, and this sounds hilariously devastating, "the 6th Grade Hair Fiasco." As someone who is also devoting a big chunk of her show to the awkwardness of those middle school years, these kind of stories have a very special place in my heart. And yours, too, as this theatrical chameleon changes into pop culture icons before your very eyes.

Speaking of Chameleons, why not spend some time with the original Urban Chameleon herself, Funnel Cake Flowers. Brought to us by Tickles TV, Ms. Flowers navigates the tricky contradictions of being a person of color living in America. A show for "those who watch CNN and Boondocks, listen to Yo Yo Ma and Jay-Z, eat fried chicken and sushi." For a taste of her on-the-street reporting, check out the trailer.

Another show that embraces contradictions, is the intriguingly named Apocalypse Clown!, which, will be exactly what it sounds like, a series of "darkly comedic vignettes about life, love, and the end of the world." I love me some clowning, especially when it grabs the absurd by its throat and shakes vigorously. This ain't your fifth birthday party, kids; it's the apocalypse. Clownpocalypse.

But don't worry, even if this world's done for, we can go out and find another with Jett Backpack and the Battle at the End of the Universe by YES/AND Theatre Company. This ragtag crew of intergalactic space adventurers is already taking Orlando Fringe by storm (space storm?), and they'll have their thrusters fully primed and ready for take off by the time they land in Atlanta.
Wow, that space pun got away from me a bit, but check out their iconic promo image for a much better hint at their astronomical awesomeness.

What other weird and wild shows are you looking forward to in this year's festival?


DivaTiffisGreat said…
I am so excited about being in the Atlanta Fringe Festival! Thanks for the blurb!!

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