AFF 2013 Fringe PlayList: Matters of the Heart (and Other Bits)

 Ah, Spring! The flowers are blooming, the birds are singing and people everywhere are falling in love, including the lovely people onstage at the 2013 Atlanta Fringe Festival. Here are some shows that wear their hearts (and other parts) on their sleeves.

With "a mixture of uncertainty, comedy, drama, and of course romance", playwright and author Kimberly L. Morgan-Dade's show Who K'new!
takes the audience on a journey through the ups and downs of her first love.  Based on her novel by the same name, Who K'new! is set to be "both hilarious and heartwarming." It's also family friendly!

And just about as far from family friendly as you can get, we have Unsafe Word 
from Robin & Goodfellows players. True to their name, which I assume is from the rogueish Puck of "A Midsummer Night's Dream," this troupe offers a sex comedy. A very sexy sex comedy. "After several funny foreplay fails, two virgins learn that the sexiest thing to be is yourself."

But let's say you don't want to dive right in with funny foreplay. Why not get to know each other first with Doing Stuff Badly Productions'
new show LoversLane. "Loosely based on a true story", this brand new comedy follows two sisters on their misadventures through the world of online dating. This is a subject ripe for comedy, and it stars one of my good buddies, Jayne Jeter, who originated the role of  Lee in my one act "The Girl, The Fox, and The Left Behind." If her turn as a hapless online date is half as good as her sexy cookie monologue, this is going to be an awesome show.

There are several plays in the festival that explore the relationship between humans and their technology, (some in rather an  extreme way), but  Send/End has the technology itself telling the story. Utilizing Facebook, SnapChat, Google Hangout, text messages, Twitter, Instagram, and more, Leave Your Mark Productions isn't just making a play about social media, they're engulfing the entire audience in social media itself. Plus, there's a sexy Pikachu.

But, the "boy meets girl" story is not the only love story out there. In fact, the lines between "boy" and "girl" aren't even as clear as some would want you to believe. In, It's My Penis and I'll Cry if I Want To 
(a contender for My Favorite Fringe Show Title), actor/comedian Jamie Black breaks down the barriers between men and women and shine a light on what we all have in common. A show for anyone, penis-ed or not, who wants to be free to be who they are, regardless of what society expects them to be.

Check out his interview, and see for yourself!


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